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In The Cave In The Cave

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I see this is your first submission, and inself it is not bad. At least it have the basis of jumping on platforms and no game breaking bugs were found in my runs. But "not bad" do not mean "good" either, as the game have some flaws.

1st one, I suppose that the ennemies ARE supposed to kill you even when you jump on them. (if not, well, there's a glitch since i died every single time) . It could be a good twist, but unless specified in the description players suppose they can defeat ennemies by jumping on them, so this may lead to many deaths.

2nd, the game over method, as the game is really unforgiving. Miss a jump, back to title screen. hit bad one single ennemy, back to square one. Not even 3 lifes to restart the room, nothing. At this point, the game's lifespan rely much more on false dificulty than on skill and actual lenght.

I also seen a minor bug, when walking to the left the animation works, but not to the right. It stay on idle pose. Nothing game breaking, but don't forget to polish your game's animations.

For a 1st try, it is not bad, keep up training ^^

adisl80 responds:

Thnk's for trying my game. Yes it's true this is my first submission. and this is my first own game. Ok...your review will be my attention.

How to properly eat a hot dog How to properly eat a hot dog

Rated 2 / 5 stars

-Too late, you already have the useless medal in your profile-
Nooo !!! I didn't even played it... T_T"

This is mostly how every person who hit the play button on this game feel...
Maybe another medal whould be a funny addition for pepole who actually reach the end:
"Way too curious"
-What did I just watched ? o_O-

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Barquero responds:

I'm really sorry xD hahahaha

Poket's Mission Poket's Mission

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I would like to not agree with most reviews about the jumping problem, but I got only "three saved" because of that. It was so frustrating to see Poket chain-die that I rushed some levels after a brunch of tries, and eventually forgot a path I was going to many times, before the successful run.

Maybe it is a small problem of collision, depending on the character and platform's frames. It do not makes the game unplayable (and even add a little bit of feeling, like if Poket had problem to focus because he's worried about the kids who are alone) but it kills the replayablity factor.

Other than that, this rather simple platformer have a good design and music part. I'll not repeat what was already said, but the concept and "food detection" mechanics are good. Maybe you could do a longer game on the same kind of theme/universe another time.

Anyway, keep it up ! You already proved with "Reverie" that you are good at these eerie universes what seems out of the time. Takes your time for the next project, and makes us dream again.

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Barquero responds:

thanks .... ; w; <3
I'll do my best in the future

SkyRider &amp;amp; the Journey to the AirCitadel SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really nice demo. The game seems obviously intended as the 2-players type but is enjoyable in solo as well. I've already seen some short flash games with similar concept in the past, but never pushed to a full game.

Keep it up ! Your project have a huge potential, and your art style totally fit its universe.

As other members do, I don't understand how some pepole can say "this game look awesome" and still vote 1 star. I mean, it is a bit contradictory, as pepole disliking because "it is incomplete", what points the obvious of this being a simple early demo. (and already way more complete and clean than many games on this site)

Anyway, if you can do another demo later in devloppment to shows your progress and bug corrections, maybe pepole will note it better, but in any case, don't give up your project ^^

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MagicGuiso responds:

Thanks, yup, we don't get that attitude also but we accept all comments seriously in order to make a game better.

Crow Hunt (Alpha Edition) Crow Hunt (Alpha Edition)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not bad for an alpha, but more work is needed to make it a complete game.
First, makes the shoot counter to 5 and let the player reload anytime, even before his count is empty. It can be crucial if later there are waves of crows and players cares about combo. They will naturally reload between the waves.

Second, put more attention to details.
You are working with C2, so it is easy to put a "mirror the sprite" when the crow bounce against the border, to give the feeling he turn around. In the same aspect, all crows start from left to right, so it is "boring". Add a chance that the spawned ennemy start reversed and you already create a bit of variation. And of course, "start" and "instruction" buttons in the start layout can help players who are not used to your game's controls.

Keep it up, if you spend some time on it this game can reveal good potential. ^^

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LeviAlves responds:

Thank you so much for the advices, it will certainly help me in the future. I really appreciate your support.